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Catholicism Views On Other Religions

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Essay Preview: Catholicism Views On Other Religions

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How does Catholicism view other religions and religious freedom?

Catholics and many other religions have the same view on other religions then there own. Catholics believe that everyone is entitled to their own personal freedom and have there own choices. They share the same vision as the Vatican Council, which is the council that tries to maintain freedom. People nowadays are conscious and there is a growing demand that people should exercise their own judgement. More and more people are demanding other to have there own responsible freedom and act accordingly. Catholics believe that there should be no prevention and excessive restrictions of freedom of individuals. The human society today demands free practice of religions in society. The Vatican council pays attention to these spiritual aspirations.

The Vatican council declares that humans have a right to religious freedom. Freedom of this kind means that everyone is immune from

corrosion and peer pressure and other social group forces. Every individual have their own rights and have there own rights to believe in whatever God they desire. Every individual has the rite to freedom within limits; no men or women can be forced against their convictions. Nor anyone can be restrained from acting in accordance to his or her religion. In association with this the public shall recognized religious freedom, which must be give recognition in the constitutional order.

The Vatican council or the sacred council proclaims that obligations bind people's consciences together. Truth can impose itself on the human mind by the force of its own truth, which wins over the mind. So while the religious freedom, which human beings demand in fulfilling their obligation to worship, God has to do with freedom from coercion in civil society.

God orders, directs and governs the whole world and ways of the human community according to a plan conceived in his wisdom and love. God has enabled humans to share in this law,



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