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Summary Of The Hero's Journey

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A hero is one who responds to the call of adventure. In a hero's journey, the hero must overcome many trials or events to finish the journey and reach fulfillment. The trials one must overcome can be summed up in three stages: separation, initiation, and return.

A hero first begins life with an innocent childhood. Everything is simple and nothing is complicated to him. When one begins to question something or think something is missing in life, that is when separation begins, or the "call the adventure". If the hero refuses the call, it will still be there and he will feel unsettled until he answers the call.

All heroes are given a mentor to help them get started and succeed on their journey. Heroes must learn all they can from their mentor to be able to cross the first threshold. Crossing the first threshold signals the point of no return. Heroes cannot turn back from their journey after they take that step.

After crossing the first threshold, the mentor leaves physically, but what he taught the hero always remains in their mind. The hero must then follow their heart when they have to make a decision. To others, the hero may appear lost or crazy. This place in the journey is called the "Belly of the Whale". By entering the belly of the whale, the hero shows willingness to have rebirth and self-realization.

The second stage is initiation. It begins with the "Road of Trials". This is a series of tests or trials that the hero must undergo to begin seeing things differently. It turns the hero from his "child-like" stage to a more self-reliant stage.

The Road of Trials leads to the "Meeting with the Goddess". The goddess represents the source of life and love. The hero begins to see himself in a different way and attains self control over his life.

Also, the hero may encounter the "Woman as the Temptress" which is to tempt him into his earthly, sinful nature. The hero is seduced by lust and selfish pleasures that he must overcome to continue with his journey.

The hero then has "Atonement with the Father" where the hero has to confront whoever holds the most power over his life. If the hero passes, he breaks free from childhood and moves into adulthood.

This leads to the "Apotheosis" which means the hero moves from his trials and sees things in a new light. This is when he is finally "Followed his bliss" and has reached a time of rest and peace before the return home. The "Ultimate Boon" is



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