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Sumeria Vs. Egypt

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The ancient civilization of Egypt and Sumer were among the first in the world to arise from wondering people while also embodying the modern day characteristics of a civilization. They developed economies, advanced cities, religion, and mass farming were just a few similarities concerning the two river valleys. However, in the face of the common characteristics between ancient Egypt and Sumer the differences in aspects such as politics, and technology were what made them truly remarkable in their period.

Both Egypt and Sumer were born on the nutrient rich soils of the worlds greatest rivers. The rivers that first that first saw such great advances in human development was the Tigris, Euphrates and the Nile. Through early agricultural advancement such as irrigation and new farming tools. Which created a huge population development. That caused mass amounts of people to settle down and empower the community.

The Sumerian and Egyptian cultures also developed a rich and detailed mythology over the years of there existence. Each culture developed its own complex polytheistic system of worship. For example the Sumerians had four leading deities known as the creating gods. Egypt during the reign or of Akhenaton. The Egyptians had as many as two thousand gods and goddesses some such as Amen were worshipped throughout the whole country, while others had only a local following, and just like we believe in today’s society in the after life so do the Egyptians.

As you can see that these two civilizations has a lot in common. Yet they do have some different aspects such as politics. In Egypt the pharaoh owned all of Egypt . He owned all animals, mines, people, and even the Nile river. The citizens gave the pharaoh portions of there crops in taxes. Workers donated their labor, and artist created art for the pharaoh. However, the Sumerians seemed to have developed one of the worlds first systems of monarchy. The early stats they formed needed a new form of government in order to govern larger areas of diverse people. The very first states of Sumer, seemed to have been ruled by a type of priest king, among their



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