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Be Successful in Life and Help My Family

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Essay Preview: Be Successful in Life and Help My Family

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In life there are many things that I would like to accomplish to be successful in life and help my family so we could have a great financial specifically goal that I would like to fulfill, is to have a professional soccer career. Having a soccer career would be great because I would be able to pursue my dream of the sport.

Being a professional soccer player is one of my goals because I have a passion for the sport and I love to play it. Soccer helps me to keep fit and stay motivated. The sport is a very competitive game and it helps you to stay focus on what you’re trying to achieve. I started playing when I live back in Jamaica; and continued playing when I came to America. When I came to America my dad got me on a team with the Stamford Youth Soccer League. My father also has a passion for the game so I think that’s how I started loving it.

 if I should get a scholarship from a college for soccer it would mean  the world to me and my dad because it’s amazing to play the sport and it’s great when you have great supporter like my father. If I should continue my soccer career in college and play pro it would help my family and me financially  and my close friends that I have who supports me all the time.

I believe that if I become a professional soccer it would make me a great example to my family and friends, because I work hard and accomplish a dream that I always wanted.



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