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Student Survival Guide

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Essay Preview: Student Survival Guide

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During the first block of classes I have taken here at Phoenix University, I have gained an exceptional amount of knowledge and learned several tools that are available to me that will help me throughout my academic career. Using the things I have learned and the tools I have been given will be crucial to my academic success. This is my personal action plan that I will follow to assure that I get everything I can out of my classes during my time at Phoenix University.

One of the main areas that I have been taking advantage of is the many educational resources available at my disposal. These resources range from plagiarism checker to guides that help develop essays. The resource that I have used the most is the write point review system, not only does this helps me find my errors it helps me so that I do not make the same mistakes in the future. Taking advantage of all the resources that are available will provide me with the tools to make my writing the best it can be and allow me to thrive in the classes that are centered on writing.

While quality work is very important at a collegiate level, I believe the most important part is upholding academic honesty. In order for me to achieve my academic goals I need to use my own thoughts and ideas. If other people’s works are needed then citations will be needed within the work. This is to not only assure that I am not cheating the system but to assure I am not cheating myself out of this educational opportunity. The Center for Writing Excellence offers the ability to check writing for plagiarism. This will help me to make sure that I do not plagiarize even if it is unintentional. Taking advantage of the tutorials on citations and the plagiarism checker will help me assure that the works I submit are my own thoughts and ideas and the parts that are not are cited correctly.

One thing that I have done mentally but never developed a plan for is setting goals. Setting goals is the easy part developing a plan and following it all the way through until I achieve my goals has been the part that I have not been doing. In order to be to be better at achieving my goals I need to start out with identifying my long term goals, then developing short-term goals that I can complete to help me achieve my long-term goals. Setting goals for myself is an excellent way for me to achieve what I want to achieve in life but will be useless if I do not have a good plan on how I am going to achieve my goals.

While setting and achieving goals are crucial to my academic and personal success learning how to manage my time wisely is just as important part in helping me accomplish my goals. Managing time is definitely something that I am trying to work on and need to work on. I have always been a big procrastinator, it definitely is not a wise thing to keep practicing. Being able to schedule daily activities and manage my time to set aside times to help me complete my goals while still having time to do everything I have to do in a day will help me thrive on a day to day basis. Doing so will also keep me from wasting much needed time that somehow get lost in the mix without any type of time management. At this stage in my life I don’t have that many important things that eat into my time on a day to day basis but



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