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Student Survival Guide

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Student Survival Guide to Distance Learning

The first step to becoming a successful student of distance learning is to prepare the area you will be using as your classroom. Set your classroom up in an area that will be non-distracting and comfortable. Keeping the area clutter free and organized will be a key factor in succeeding. Another key factor is to be prepared, make sure you have an ample supply of printer paper and ink, pens, pencils, and highlighters. Purchase a three-ring binder for each class to keep all the papers you will be printing along with notebooks for taking notes. Familiarize yourself with the forums in which you will be participating. A day or two before classes start log into the classes and review the course requirements. I also, suggest you print the course material list and syllabus and reviewing them before class starts. All course materials are available online. However, you do have the option of purchasing the books, which I have found to be very helpful.

Performing successful Library and Internet searches are imperative in order to complete the expectations of your courses. The majority of your classes will require a final paper in lieu of an exam. When searching the web remember to use keywords to narrow your searches. A key rule of thumb to remember is to begin your search for relevant material in the Search results and not the "Sponsored Links." Print out the searches you chose to use and make note of the URL address for future reference. When conducting searches in the library you will be faced with multiple databases. Read the descriptions given for each database to decide which to start your search. Narrow the databases down to those prevalent to the topic you are researching. You may also, make use of the services of the reference librarians to assist you in your search. They will be able to assist by guiding you in the right direction and suggesting which databases will be the most beneficial to you.

Upholding academic honesty is probably the most important factor in your success. You may ask what academic honesty is. To put it simply, it means all work submitted must be your own. Avoid plagiarism; correctly cite all paraphrases and quotes you use in your written works. . Plagiarism is the worst offense a student could commit. When students commit Academic dishonesty and plagiarism, they become subject to disciplinary actions, which may include expulsion.

Learn what type of learner you are by taking the Learning Personality test available to you in your IT 105 class. This test can help you achieve effective study habits by acting as a guide to learn the tools needed for retention and study habits for your type of learning style. Try the different skill listed under styles of learning other than your own. You may find some new techniques, that will work well for you. Use the SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review) technique you learned in IT 105 to absorb quickly the information you read. Discover when you are the most alert and choose this time to study, a fresh, well rested mind will absorb and retain information more adeptly than a tired mind will. Read your weekly overview to have an idea of what will assignments are due the following week and begin preparing for those assignments. Your fellow classmates may suggest ways of studying, that works well for them; try



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