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Strategic Analysis Of A Public Radio/Tv Station

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Essay Preview: Strategic Analysis Of A Public Radio/Tv Station

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KRSCB is in a fight for membership and the member donations that come with it. The money would help to improve the falling income levels, particularly from membership. In other areas listenership is not exclusive to KRCB so there is further competition from other radio stations as well.

Funding and Operations - Supplier Power

Relations with CPB are extremely important to the organization's survival. It is important to ensure that requirements are always met to ensure continued funding. It is also important to ensure that the staffing practices of KRCB are the right ones given its objectives.

Membership/Audience- Buyer Power

As a local public broadcasting station, it is important to use differentiation in efforts to get more people to join. Local surveys asking locals what their ideal local station would provide can help rebuilding relationships with listeners.

Technological Threats - Threat of Substitutes

The introduction of devices that allow commercial free programming has meant a falling membership as pledge drives are reaching less and less listeners. The high number of computer users in KRCB's catchment area might suggest that another media outlet Internet (internet radio, TV, news, and blogs) is taking more and more listeners away.

Barriers to Entry

An emphasis on tradition and community branding strategy would be the best ways for KRCB to ensure its longevity and keep its audience. Commercial radio has a wider target and one if its weakness is a reduced sense of community among listeners and other stake-holders.


KRCB should look at how it can facing the changing Public Broadcasting arena by forming alliances



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