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Strategic Analysis For Walmart

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"Law are rules and actions prescribed by an authority such as federal government and the court system that have a binding legal force" (Fremgen). In medical practice the laws addresses legal right and obligations that affect patients and protect individual right, including those of health care employees. Laws are made for the proper functionality of the system; it prevents any miss-orderly conduct from happening. Laws bind people of the same profession to go through the same legal proceedings as anyone else. For example: For health care employees like physicians, practicing medicine without license is illegal and it also breaks the law. Having relationship with patient when the patient is still under the care of the physician is also breaking the law.

Law and ethics are two different sides of the coin but can be confusing in the healthcare filed as they overlap. For example; when an ambulance rushes to hospital exceeding the speed limit, it is illegal but not unethical. Similarly, when a hospital employee out of curiosity looks at the chart (medical history) of a patient who came through emergency; it is unethical but not illegal.

People tend to get into trouble when they measure their actions only using the law and not considering the ethical aspects of an issue. People often tend to lie at work or show a cold shoulder to an employee or take off work with a lie, these are only moral issues no illegal act or ethical issues are broken. Morality would tell us to give aid to the drowning victim even if there is no law that mandates us to save the child. There is a misunderstanding amongst people that if something is wrong or unethical if the law forbids it and conversely they believe if law states its alright then its ethical as well (Fremgen).

There are multitudes of laws including criminal and civil statues as well as state medical practice acts that affect health care professionals. From personal experience in the family I know,



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