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Strategic Analysis And Choice

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Covered topics:

Decision making process

Approaches to decision making process

Critical example of decision making process

Ways of addressing complexity of decision making process

Decision makings in Organisations could be a simple one or complex one depending upon the level at which decisions are made and the stake holders involved. No doubt Managers make various decisions sometime involving just few stake holders or sometimes without involving any stake holders.

During my last 15 years of work experience at the supervisory and managerial level, I made/involved various decision processes. Sometimes I was a spectator to the decision making team. The approach model I/we used was something similar to Basic Rational Decision model.

During my long service, I did not come across any organisation (I worked or heard of) wide published or guided or adopted decision model explaining how the managers of their organisation should make decisions when a problem arises in any of the organisation I worked (about 6 prominent companies). This means that the decision making process is left to individual manager or team of managers or boss will take the decision.

In the real world, one will hold the responsibility of the decision and other would implement the same without taking the responsibility.

In a classic example of this situation in the real world is construction of Scottish Parliament.

Parliament selected the Architect and design involved various stake holder in the process and entrusted the construction company to implement the same design. The total cost of the project was Ј50million and construction was not responsible for any of the decisions including of course site, design, cost, time etc. Company completed the work 2 years later than the schedule with almost 10 times cost



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