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Stolen Generation

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Task: Individually you are to create an information pamphlet about the stolen generations. This pamphlet should be aimed at students you own age that could distributed to local schools informing them about the stolen Generations.

. A description of the issue and the historical background

Between 1910-1970 many indigenous children were forcibly removed from their families as a result of various government policy however this was an ideology of assimilation. Assimilation was founded, on the assumption of black inferiority and white superiority, which proposed that indigenous people should be allowed to “die out”.

Many Children which were taken from their parents were taught to reject that indigenous heritage and made to adopt white culture, and were forbidden to speak their traditional language.

The aboriginals who were adopted of taken to a camp were mental and physical abuse by the foster parent

. The Church’s response to the issue – Both at the time and their position

The Public ended up losing confidence in the catholic church and there are several reasons why this is so, however there is one reason that stands out significantly and it was the taking responsibility regarding the indigenous affairs. Not just the part it played in the stolen generation however the role in the destruction of the Aboriginal Cultural integrity and language

. The federal government’s response to the issue – bot at the time and today

The Federal government's response to the stolen generation was to prevent the young aboriginals from gaining a further understanding of their culture instead to teach them the Australian culture and teach them their language

. Any Changes That



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