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Steve Jobs’ Presentation in 2007

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Essay Preview: Steve Jobs’ Presentation in 2007

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A brief summary of the article:

The article is manly taking about Steve jobs’ presentation in 2007 and the author discussing 11 techniques from the presentation and how it was amazing and inspired a lot of people. The author hasn’t seen someone as good as Steve jobs’ presentation, so he spent many years reviewing and analyzing his presentation. Referring to the author these 11 techniques will help anyone to do well in his next presentation.

The first technique is express your passion, this point is explaining why people should do what they love because if they didn’t they will not be able to express their feelings toward what they are presenting. And this is exactly what jobs did, he was excited about the product and complimenting the product.

The second techniques create a twitter-friendly headline, this point explains that you should be sample, people who want to deliver any massage or presentation should write a sentence about the main idea on each slide. It is an effective way to make people focus on the presenter not on the slides of the presentation and to make it easy to memorize.

The third technique is stick to the rule of three, because number 3 is powerful in communication stave jobs divided his product into three categories. He created a kind of meistry situation when he was describing the product and then he surprised everyone by telling them that this is the voluntary product this is “the iPhone”      

The fourth technique interduce a villain, this point is the opportunity to explain why this product is better than any other products on the market. Steve jobs he started comparing the device that he is presenting with other devises then he mentioned the pros and the cons to lit people come with the conclusion that iPhone is the best device in the market.

The fifth technique is sell the benefit, this point is to interduce the product. Steve jobs was marketing his product and explaining how the new iPhone is the super smart phone comparing to the others.

The sixth technique is build simple, visual slides, Steve jobs’ presentation had as few as words possible because people will not read the slides people want to listen to the presenter more than reading from the slides.

The seventh technique is telling stories, during the Steve jobs’ clicker failed to move the slides he took the chance to entertain the audience instead of waiting until his team fix the problem.

The eighth technique is preparing and practice excessively, when the glitch happened in Steve jobs’ presentation he did not get nervous. Because of practicing a lot, he was confident and not hesitated.



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