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Solutions To The Meth Problem

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Solutions to the Meth Problem

There are two main viewpoints on how the problem of meth should be combated. Many people think that stricter law enforcement is the main way to combat meth, but there is also others who think drug education in our schools and treatment are more important (Moore, Michael). When you first hear these arguments many would say the latter sounds more positive than negative. This what I felt at first, but then I was thinking that treatment isn't a proactive response, it's reactive and being reactive may be well and good for those who have been got up in meth, but it doesn't stop others from making the same mistakes. I think it would be best to look at some more options.

I decided to do and talk to my friend Jacob Skelton about his opinion because he lives in Bremerton, a high drug-use area, and he is around meth occasionally. I asked him about what he thinks should be done about meth and I told him about what I have learned so far. He said from his perspective that drug education is one of the best things that could be done. He said, "If students only knew what meth can do to them they would be more careful. To many people think it's not that bad." Jacob is right on this. I didn't know much about meth before I researched it because all the drug education we get in school is focused on tobacco, alcohol, and maybe marijuana. Jacob also agreed with the point that law enforcement is a key factor in fighting meth. He says that the authorities need to be given all the resources required to find out how meth is getting into the hands of people including students, and stop it. So it seems like maybe both of the viewpoints are correct, but the decision to make is on the balancing of the two approaches.

A lot of communities are starting to come together and figuring out how they are going to fight meth out of their neighborhoods. I think it is about time Kitsap County did the same. We can't rely on the law enforcement to just do their job. It takes a whole community to put up a successful fight against meth. In Spokane the people had a meeting such as this and they decided that fighting meth would have to start at the neighborhood level. Kim Thorburn, who is a health officer for the Spokane Regional Health District said that the plan to attack meth at the neighborhood level is exciting because it causes the neighborhood to build itself up and support each other (Jordan, Isamu). At the state level State Attorney Rob McKenna has shown himself to have a real passion to get meth out of Washington. He said, "Meth impacts families, communities and the environment, and it's crucial we bring this problem under control." McKenna organized a task force called "Operation: Allied against Meth" to figure out solutions for the meth problem. McKenna also hired a couple new assistant attorneys general to help county prosecutors with cases that are related to meth use. One thing that was discussed by the task force was keeping cold medicines, having ingredients used in the making of meth, behind the counter (Associated Press, The). This is something that Oregon did a couple years ago and their number of meth labs that were raided was cut in half. Oregon also plans on making pseudoephedrine a prescription drug because it is a popular ingredient in meth ("Follow Oregon's Lead..."). I think if this worked so well in Oregon we might as well give it a shot. This is a different kind of approach then what I was thinking of



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