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Interclean Problem Solution

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Problem Solution: InterClean, Inc.

Problem Solution: InterClean, Inc.

InterClean is facing many of the same challenges that other organizations are facing in the global business world of the 21st century. InterClean sees the opportunity to grow its business adding a wide range in demand products and services within the commercial cleaning industry. InterClean's major challenges are Harmonization and managing change during organizational culture shift after a merger with EnviroTeck and building a knowledgeable and efficient work force fully trained to meet the challenges. InterClean will need to simultaneously need to restructure, evaluate the current talent with in its organization, determine the needs in recruitment, develop the products and services and finally develop an extensive training programs that will both give the tools needed especially the sales management and field workforce. HRM will play the key roll in facilitating these changes. InterClean will need to invest heavily in all of these areas. How HRM is incorporated in the strategic planning can determine how successful InterClean will be. The ever-changing rules of engagement between the needs of the market and the ability of the individual organization to deliver are a challenge to all competing for his/her place in the industry.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

InterClean must streamline its business and be able to deliver more and better than its competitors and at the same time build a stable work culture which retains its best and brightest. The challenges will be to meld two organizations into one cohesive and trusting organization, develop turn key solutions that include employee training that will meet the needs of a full range of individual service packages customized to individual customer needs. InterClean must be prepared to implement in 90 to 180 days. The new organization has several challenges and opportunities available. There is a large pool of highly qualified personnel who could train the less qualified. Proper talent management will strengthen any organization "good TM is of strategic importance and can differentiate an organization when it becomes a core competence - and when its talent significantly improves strategy execution and operational excellence." Ashton, C. and Morton, L. (Jul/Aug2005).

There is an opportunity to create a vision and build a strong successful company culture. Termination of some employees is inevitable and some will leave on their own, but if the company can put a plan in place to help retain the majority through cross-training and proper change management it will be worth the effort and save money in the long run. InterClean could develop incentives programs to retain the High performers and give the other employees a goal to improve.

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

The players have different views of the opportunities. David Spencer the CEO is optimistic and willing to take the necessary risks. Janet Duram (HR) is viewed as defending the status quo and may let her loyalty to long time employees get in the way of the best decisions. This is dangerous to the success of the goals.. Tom Jennings could pose a problem if his impatience with his own agenda gets in the way of the end state goals of the organization. Sam Waters is in place to manage the legal affairs. Carol Stanley has been assigned to begin a skills inventory. Sally Lindley new to InterClean from EnviroTech is looking out for her future with the new owner. The senior sales specialists of Envirotech already expect to be in the driver seat of the new organization.

The scenario give an overview of how some of the stakeholders and their initial thoughts about the merger and possibilities for the organization. The main categories are the share holders, Management, Human Resources, Sales force, general workforce and customers. Some of their views conflict. All of the stakeholders must come together and agree on a path forward that all will be able to feel comfortable with.

Problem Statement

Interclean has the opportunity to become the top competitor in the commercial cleaning industry by creating an organization with a vision that will be completely prepared to meet the diverse demands in the Industry. Interclean will have a complete staff equipped with the knowledge and tools to build a cleaning program unique to each individual customers needs.

End-State Vision

The path to success in InterClean's future will require a vision and goals. The end state goals are to create vision for the future that will assist in developing a strong company culture that will retain the top performers. In addition, unite InterClean and EnviroTeck into one and build a sales and marketing team equipped with the necessary skills to put InterClean at the top in the industry.

Alternative Solutions

InterClean's alternative solutions are as follows:

* Harmonize and restructure management, the sales force and general work force that will transform the organizational culture into one united team where trust is build and goals for the success of the organization can be realized. (Rating 1.56)

* Develop a vision, a mission statement and values (Rating 2.67)

* Develop new products and services per Industry demands (Rating 2.78)

* Analyze work force and build profiles for human Capital needs, Then develop incentives and benefits packages to keep the best peoples currently employed and draw the top candidates for open positions. (Rating 4.11)

* Develop extensive training programs around the products and services (Rating 3.87)

Analysis of Alternative Solutions

Best Practices show that implementation of any system, program or policy must be well planned, thought out and implemented properly. While there are several pieces to InterClean's strategic plan and all are important to achieve each had been rated for priority. First, having the right people in place can make or break a strategic plan "Knowledge of the changing characteristics of labor markets influences and informs the strategic decision-making process, providing a needed perspective on whether a business or tactical strategy can be implemented.



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