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Problem/Solution Paper...End To Hunger

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Essay Preview: Problem/Solution Paper...End To Hunger

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An End to Hunger

After researching the statistics about homelessness, I came to realization what an epidemic the United States is facing. Considering the severity and common occurrence of homelessness, I felt it was a much-needed problem to address. Homelessness and hunger are very close to the Detroit area. You do not have to travel far to find someone homeless looking for food, especially during the winter months. This is a problem that is right around the corner from where I live, which lead to my reason for choosing this endeavor. Another reason I chose this area of focus is due to my optimistic outlook for truly making a difference. I felt that I could actually accomplish a great deal through aiding the underprivileged in the surrounding community. It is easy to pretend as if this problem does not exist, or to look away when you see someone in desperate need of support. Writing about this problem, showing the facts, and addressing a solution could truly make a difference in our world.

One of the most disturbing and extraordinary aspects of life in this wealthy country is the persistence of hunger. The National Census Bureau survey of households representative of the U.S. population, said that in 2002, 11.1 percent of all U.S. households were "food insecure" because lack of resources. Since 1999, food insecurity has increased by 3.9 million individuals: 2.8 million adults and more than one million children. In 2002, 34.9 million people lived in households experiencing food insecurity, compared to 33.6 million in 2001 and 31 million in 1999. The ability to obtain enough food for an active, healthy life is the most basic of human needs. Food-insecure households and the homeless cannot achieve this fundamental element of well-being. They are the ones in our country who are most likely to be hungry, undernourished, and in poor health, and the ones most in need of assistance.

There is a vast assumption in our culture that those who are below the poverty line and hungry are in this situation because they choose not to work and are essentially lazy. Most of this is due to the lack of awareness of the facts and severity of the problem, as well as stereotyping and misinformation. The fact is, 38% of households receiving emergency food have one or more employed adults and 33% of those who experience hunger are children who cannot provide for themselves.

Because of these misconceptions about the hunger problem in the United States, many individuals are apathetic to the situation and do nothing to solve this dilemma. Public apathy in turn becomes government apathy. The number-one cause for hunger in America is poverty. As a society, we tend to think of those in need only around the holiday season. This is when the majority of programs that provide food to individuals living in poverty are active. Sadly, there is an extreme lack of programs and support to provide food for those in poverty year round.

Despite the painful causes



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