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Socialization Between Toys And Games

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Socialization through Toys and Games

1. Yes, boys toys brought out a great deal of aggression at almost every toy I looked at. Boy’s toys consisted of toy guns, monster trucks, gi-joe actions figures, all promoting different types of aggression. The girl’s toys on the other hand, didn’t promote such aggression. For example, the cabbage patch holiday babies which you can get in all different characters. Aggression is clearly is found in the boys toys, and not in the girl toys.

2. I thought the boy’s toys were more competitive than girl’s toys as well. For example a the nerf footballs, the baseball bats, all promoting sports and competition, opposed to the majority of the girls toys, such as Cuddlin’ cutie dolls, along with many other types of dolls.

3. Girl’s toys promote more social relationships, like nurturing skills, than boys toys do. There are no boy’s toys that teach you how to take care of a baby, or a toy play house. An example of why boys toys don’t show nurturing skills would be the toy Marvel Legends silver 25th anniversary figure Wolverine; an action figure that brings out aggression, not domestic activities.

4. From what I saw girl’s and boy’s toys have similar emphasis on there physical appearance. The only difference I found was that the girl’s Barby dolls promote the idea that the girls should be thin and beautiful like the Barby one day. On the other hand the boy’s action figures such as the Incredible Hulk, or Superman have a lot of emphasis on physical appearance, but not in a beautiful way, it emphasizes strength and fighting ability.

5. Both girl’s and boy’s toys teach them about future occupations. Clue, a boy’s and girl’s game, teaches them about deductive reasoning, narrowing the facts down until you find the killer, Just like a real police officer would do. Also, I saw girl’s toy that was called Little Miss Nurse; which had all different kinds of play nurse stuff for little girls. They can practice taking care of their cabbage patch dolls with that Nurse toy and clearly that shows them to dream about being a nurse. An example of a boy’s toy that teaches them about a future occupation would be the MLB series action figures. These dolls teach the little boys that one day they could be a major league baseball player. It is long shot for sure we all know that, but little boys have a bigger imagination than most of us today.

6. When I was younger, I thought Barbie dolls were made to make think little girls should look like them when they were older. However after seeing some of the new Barbie dolls, I know that there is a different meaning. One example specifically will describe my point. The Bratz baby Hair Flair Doll, which comes with all different appliances to take care of the Barbie. I think that lesson girls are learning when



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