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Game Building

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You can be entrepreneur.


To give business knowledge to the students. It can build the analytical skill of the students and teach them about how to invest money in different industries. It can give virtual exposure to the student managers to the real world.

BRIEF OUTLINE: An interactive game has to have the person involved at a personal level. As the famous saying goes, 'it's all about money, honey', this game is about money.

* The player would have to register on our website.

* At this time he would receive Rs. 1,00,000 as a virtual money. This money would be taken as a loan, which the person would have to pay back in a week.

* After receiving the virtual money, the person has to choose among various industries ( like : agriculture, steel, petroleum, real estate, etc) where he/she would like to invest it. This has to be done judicially, as in the first week or as long he is supposed to be paying the loan, he cannot change this selection. It means that he has to invest in the same industry. The person can name his/her company at this point.

* After selecting the industry, the person has to disperse his investment, applying it to various aspects of the industry. For example, technology improvement, skill improvement, asset improvement etc. As he/she goes along investing under these aspects, the level of his/her company increase within the chosen industry. It means that he will get more and more return if his investment method is correct.

* Constant returns would be prevailing throughout the game depending on the optimum usage of the initial input.

* After repaying the loan, the person can choose to invest in different industries if he has earned enough money from



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