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Social Group And Individualism

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Social group and Individualism

Why do we behave the way we do? Three forces are at work: the shaping influences of individualism and socialization, and the human will or internal decision maker. The focus in social group is on socialization, which is the conscious and unconscious process whereby we learn the norms and behavior patterns that enable us to function appropriately in our social environment. Social group is based on the need to belong because the desire for acceptance is the major motivation internalizing the socially approved attitudes and behaviors. Fear of punishment is another motivation; it is utilized by parents and institutionalized in the law enforcement system. Individualism is a moral, political, and social philosophy, which emphasizes individual liberty, the primary importance of the individual, and the virtues of self reliance and personal independence.

It opposes the exercise of authority over the will of an individual, especially when exercised by the political state or society. It is thus directly opposed to collectivism, social psychology, which considers the individual’s rapport to the society or community.

The language we use, the concepts we use in thinking, the images we have ourselves, our gender roles and our masculine and feminine ideals are all learned through Socialization. The most basic social group takes place in the family, but churches, schools, communities, the media, and work places also play major roles in the process.



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