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Social Responsibility

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. is one of thousands of companies that act as a socially responsible corporation or company. Fortune Magazine compiles a list every year recognizing the America's most socially responsible companies. The top 10 are in order from one through ten; UPS, International Paper, Exelon, Chevron, Publix Super Markets, Weyerhaeuser, Starbucks, Hermer Miller and Altria Group.

UPS takes first place for the third year in a row for 2006 Most Admired Company. UPS is based out of Atlanta, Georgia, and makes $42.6 billion dollars a year. Last year the company gave an estimated $43 million towards fighting hunger, literacy and voluntarism. UPS also does it's best to help the environment by using 1,500 alternative fuel cars that are powered either by electricity, natural gas, propane or hydrogen. What is found to be most impressive about UPS is that it hires a lot of people who are of the loser socio-economic class, including immigrants, allowing them a chance to pursue the American dream. Many of UPS's workers stay with the company for 30 to 40 years. UPS gives its employees good wages, health benefits, tuition assistance, stock purchase plan and other advancements.

Starbucks came in at number seven this year. Fortune Magazine has stated that they are said to be a pioneer in the area of corporate responsibility. Starbucks is creating partnerships with coffee growers around the world, usually paying more than the Fair Trade price. They also do something that is unheard of in the fast-food industry, giving full and part time employees medical benefits, and stock options (also known as "bean stock"). Starbucks is also trying to help the environment by giving a 10 cent discount for bringing your own cup!

Timberland Company which didn't make the list; has a program called Path of Service. The company gives its U.S full time employees 40 hours of paid leave; part time employees receive 16 hours of paid leave a year to perform



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