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Social Problems in Societies

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Social Problems in Societies



Social Problems in Societies


         Social problems are concerns which are considered to impact some or all members of the society either directly or indirectly. Whenever people come to live together in a social environment, disputes arise from their differences in opinions regarding political issues, religion, other health and hygiene issues, and cultural practices. Social problems can be said to be virtually inevitable. The diverse social problems present today vary from society to another. Therefore we cannot say that all societies encounter similar social issues. Social problems surround political, human life and economic issues within society. (Maxon, 2006) We can also include poverty, unemployment, wealth, pollution, natural resource, religion property ownership, and ethnic issues as some common reasons for the rise of social conflict in many societies.

Causes and solutions

Social problems can mainly be the outcome of the difference in economic disparities amongst social settings. The rich obtain different and better services from what the poor do, and this causes quite a large number of problems for society. The poor have limited access to proper education, which results in a large number of being unemployed. Thus they indulge in drug abuse, prostitution, and crime. These are issues that affect the whole society negatively, even giving rise to incurable diseases (Margaret L. Andersen, 2007). If these problems were to be avoided, then those in power should lead their subjects by example. The leaders should fight corruption, and try to find solutions to problems facing them in societies. Creation of employment opportunities would work as a good solution to these problems. (Stout 2004) Equal development of all regions would also ensure that all members of the society get treatments equally and therefore such disparities between the poor and the rich would reduce.

(Margaret L. Andersen, 2007)Overcrowding also causes social problems.  Since there will be insufficient resources to satisfy all people living in an overcrowded area, the land will be scarce, thereby leading to conflicts that are land- related, living conditions in some areas will be improper, leading to those people living in such areas experiencing diseases and other health issues.

        Another cause is a political issue. In a society that lacks Political stability tends to lead to war between different tribes encourages racism and tribalism. Such happen when some individuals they support specific party or candidate based on their ethical background. For example, during post-election held in 2007, Kenya witnessed a lot of violence where it led to the bloodshed for thousands of citizen (Bennett et al.,2015). The solution to this problem is to encourage all the leaders and politician to preach harmony and peace during campaign season, and base their politics on all member of society without favoring specific tribe. Also, to ensure equal distribution of government resources to all members of society.



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