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Social Problem in the Society

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Social Problem in Societies

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Social problems are matters which are likely to influence some individuals or all fellows of the society both directly or indirectly (Best, 2017). On every occasion, individuals come together to stay in a social setting, conflicts originate from various matters such as differences concerning religious opinions, cultural beliefs and norms, political disputes and others like hygiene and healthy subjects. Therefore, all societies we cannot conclude that they are experiencing the same problems because present social problems they differ with society. Social matters in the society comprise of political, economic and issues of human life inside the society. Others include poverty and wealth issues, unemployment, pollution, religion, property possession, and natural resources within the community (Best, 2017). All these are shared causes for the social problems to rise in numerous societies. Therefore, we can say social conflicts are unavoidable in present societies.

Causes and Solution

Economic inequalities among social background are the main cause of social problems. This occurs between the poor and rich individuals (Marris, 2018). For example, high quality and better services are for the rich people while the poor are of low standards services, this results in numerous conflicts in the society. Lack of suitable education qualities to the poor leads to unemployment thus the engages themselves to drug abuse, the crime like law breaking and prostitution. All these matters they affect society negatively as a whole. Also due to the inadequate amount of money by the poor people, they cannot access accurate medication therefore in case of disease break it will spread easily and finally results to death (Barber, 2018). The solution of all these problems above is to provide equal education qualities to all members so that they can have equal job employment. This will enable all individual to have some amount for setting his or her living standards. Also, society leaders should be against corruption. This will help to reduce the gap between the poor and the rich (Marris, 2018).

Another cause is a political issue. Political instability in the society it leads to war between different tribes and encourages tribalism and racism. This results when some individuals they support specific candidate or party based on their ethical background. For example, during post-election 2007, in Kenya witnessed a lot of violence where it led to the shedding of blood for thousands citizen. The solution for this problem is to encourage politician and other leaders to preach peace and harmony during campaign season and they base their politics on all member of society without favoring specific tribe. Also, they must ensure equal distribution of government resources to all members of society.



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