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Social Media Impacts the Modern World

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How much time is spent on social media in one day? People cannot deny how big of an impact it has had on the world. Social media is the modern-day world, and is becoming part of everyone’s everyday life. Social media is not always a good thing depending on how it is used and who it is used by. With social media being such a significant role in people's lives, businesses are able to expand their options, people have become withdrawn, and it has many negative effects. If used correctly, social media can be one of the best resources in someone’s life and change it for the better.

No matter where people go or where they are, if they look around they are able to spot a person using social media in someway. Even when people are not supposed to be on their phones, they manage to find ways to sneak on them. For example, in a classroom there will always be one person trying to sneak their phones during instruction time. A global effect of social media is that it has made people socially awkward because they are so used to talking behind a screen that they never learn to speak to others or how to socialize properly. If people go out to the mall, people never see strangers talking to each other anymore because of social media and how it has affected their social skills.

Social media has negative effects on the modern world, when it is used incorrectly. it has made people who are bullied lives worse, with cyber bullying, bullies can easily pick on people because they will not get caught. Social media is a part of everyone’s life, some people have become addicted and distracted from the real world which has caused them to use it in the wrong time. For example, when they are driving and it causes them to get in an accident and puts others lives at has become more addictive than drugs to some people and it is only going to get worse. People walking on the street do not bother to look up when they are crossing the street, this is dangerous and can lead to their death. Social media has allowed scammers to get money from people online,



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