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Social Influence Paper

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         Throughout this paper I will be expressing critical thinking and the implications of social psychology mainly focusing on Attribution Theory. Within the concept of Social Thinking and Social Influence I will examine the Theory of Attribution aka the Attribution Theory and the implications and how helpful the theory is within society and community. After I reflect on the attribution theory I will go in depth in comparison and contrast the attribution theory with the biblical worldview and then summarize the paper and review of the attribution theory with a conclusion.

        First I will be reviewing the idea of the attribution theory and basically critical thinking and analyzing the theory to develop a General Overview of the influences it has in the future of society. So basically we can say or predispose or prejudice or make inferences about a particular culture or individual based on their situational presence or physical characteristics and disposition to come to some type of conclusion of their behavior and how to properly cater to their circumstance and prosper in society. Exploring Psychology defines Attribution Theory as “the theory that we explain someone’s behavior by crediting either the situation or the person’s disposition”. (Myers.p.442.2016). Basically examining the theory critically and thinking about critical thinking with Social Psychology and Attribution theory in Psychology is a way to put into perspective a general and relative idea of an evolutionary science where we integrate physical traits with situational attributes and make inferences about unification and duality which can grow a society in an inspirational way so that people can experience a higher quality of life so to speak. The attribution theory is a great and excellent theory that is a great tool, resource and reference to use when applying the social psychological concept of attribution theory when trying to apply different facets of life and analyze different parts of life such as economic, cultural, and social, and ethnic differences and relate these behaviors from a social-psychological standpoint which makes the theory more versatile to compliments to the needs of society to understand and more articulate peoples behaviors so that we will be a more peaceful and loving society that transforms into a Greater Utopia into the future.

        In terms of Social influence and the impacts of Social Psychology in today’s community we can see the social science of Social Psychology giving society understanding of psychological and situational breakthroughs in the millienuem that can lead to greater quality of life and much more prosperity in the future. With all of these psychological advances and Socio-Cultural developments within Society and the technological revolution there is a serious need for understanding emotional and overall development of community and society to understand the future. There are many different aspects of life that have not been fully examined that attribution theory has leaned and expanded our horizons about timing and love in society that can manifest destiny into the future. The study of attribution theory is a great theory that is a very influential and pivotal point in history where psychologists need to be much more active and understanding about to educate their youth. There are areas that are lucrative and in development stages by great scientists and brilliant minds that cater and nature the next generation into the Avant evol generation so to speak now that have unlocked the secret to tranquility and peace to a future science that is grand and imperial, sophisticated, and graceful that we all respect and love. I believe the future of society is great and understanding in terms of the work that needs to be done to cultivate the individual on a somewhat scientific basis to advance in the future.



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