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Social Bohemians

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  1. The production of Culture: The understanding of how culture and cultural objects produce culture.
  1. The culture Industry System
  1. Decision Chains:  When a choice is made that affects art objects, causing it to move through the industry system.
  2. Art Worlds and Artists: The significance of the effect that the art world and Artist have on each other.
  1. The division of labor
  2. Constraints and possibilities
  3. Artistic Careers and Labor Markets
  4. Identifying artists
  1. Hits, stars, and decision making: The way that stars are an important factor in shaping the decisions that are made in the media world.

Richard Peterson defined the production-of-culture approach as “looking at a complex apparatus between cultural creators and consumers.” Things such as production and distribution, which involve advertising and working with the mass media. The Culture Industry System underlines the importance of the stages and the three filters the subsystems must go through.

The Decision Chains in the simplest form states that a choice that is made can have effects on art objects, causing change to move through the industry system.  the reading uses the production of country music to better explain the idea of decision chains. It all starts with one person who represents something, then it gets accepted by a higher company, then they distribute the idem to a producer to produce and sell.

Art is imbedded in what we call the art world, it is a network of people that their cooperative activity, is organized by their join knowledge of conventional meanings. Everything in the art world is an aspect of the art world that can form an understanding of a set of resources that helps construct the creating of art. Artist rely on the civic order to recognize private property. For the people that go into the Artistic career they know it is a risky business because of the low demand for work done in this field but also because it is a poor paying job, many artists become what is known as a failed artist.



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