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Social Service Program

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YPSS must develop a strategy to use the state-funded grant of $100,000. Three proposals for the use of these funds have been drafted. Each project is broken down by requirements, benefits, and costs. The information was gathered through research of community desires and evaluation of the feasibility of these desires. Programs of similar shelters were also examined to determine the approximate costs and benefits of each project. This report presents the details of the proposals along with looking at what the local community wishes to see implemented. The YPSS committee can use this report to determine which of these projects is in the best interests of YPSS and the youths that YPSS serves.


YPSS has been considering this project for approximately 18 months. Until now, YPSS did not have the funding needed to implement such a project. The project costs a total of $78,000. Following is a breakdown of the total cost, along with the start-up costs ongoing funding will be required.

Salaries $36,000 Training/Recruitment $ 8,000

Technical Services $14,000 Miscellaneous $ 5,000

Promotional Campaign $15,000 Total $78,000

The program involves the set-up of two toll-free telephone lines in a currently vacant backroom office in our main office. Training of three new part-time employees would be necessary. These new employees would be responsible for recruiting and training volunteers from the local community to operate the crisis lines. The hotline will be open 24 hours a day, and would be used primarily by teenagers across the state. Any person in any crisis (i.e. potential runaways, abuse victims, etc.) will have access to the hotline.

Implementation of the project would take approximately 6 Ð'- 8 months. This time is what is needed for the project to get off the ground. This includes the hiring, training, recruitment of volunteers, etc. Any tangible results would most likely not be seen for 12 Ð'- 15 months, or longer.

The project is a natural step beyond the two current runaway shelters and the addictions recovery program. These programs have been extremely successful thus far, and the hotline would add an additional side to YPSS that would benefit everyone.


This is a project that has been proposed by the counseling staff at youth shelter #1 (called "Moore House") within the last three months. The project costs about $95,000. Following is a breakdown of the total cost. In addition, the only continuing costs would be maintaining the salary of the full-time night counselor.

Salaries/Training $24,000 Miscellaneous $ 3,000

Building costs $60,000 Total $95,000

Maintenance/equipment $ 8,000

Because of the rising number of sexual abuse perpetrators referred to Moore House as temporary housing prior to court-appointed treatment programs, counselors at the shelter proposed that an additional dormer bedroom be built. Perpetrators in the past have slept on the sofa within eyesight of the night counselor on duty. A new bedroom would provide more comfort for the alleged perpetrators, which could ease their mind during this already trying time. Due to state regulations, alleged perpetrators are prohibited from being housed unattended. Due to these regulations, a full-time night counselor position would be funded. The dormer



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