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Soc 101 - Criminalization in Society

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SOC 101

Criminalization in Society

Society has been cultivated on a principle based on race gender, and sexual orientation. This concept has caused a huge division and has altered the ideology of people as a whole to cause division amongst a certain group/creed. Also, this strategy has been used to keep the powers in line and control amongst people whom belong in certain communities. For almost 30 years, the United States have extensively depended on criminalization as form of containing many social problem in the country. But the outcomes have not been positive in any sort. In the article “Introduction: Sexuality, Criminalization, and Social Control”, by Clare Sears examines social justice for humanity and discusses the issues on criminalization which has caused a major effect on minorities in the U.S. and have started to spread throughout the world.

The essence of human control has been a way to hender and effect the population. The historical period known as Mass Incarceration is a term used to describe the increasing number of people being incarcerated in the last 4 decades. It states “As a result, over 2.3 million people...are presently incarcerated...and the abuse of prisoners (Sears, pg.6).” Mass incarceration is a contributing factor on keeping the population freed down as well as keeping the people in down. Placing people into confinement has not only been helpful, but has made the problem severely worst. This so-called effort to fight the war on crime has destroyed lives of many people in a mental stanza. Along with variety health issues, inmates can not proficiently bounce back into society to progress in their lives. Not being properly rehabilitated and the lack of resources such a jobs, basi skills, and education, they are more likely to back into the criminal underworld and will eventually land back into prison.

Since the beginning of the 15th century, race has been a contributing ideal on how someone thinks about a person which is usually based on stereotypes. This concept has mainly affected communities in poverty and people of color. The statement implies that, “ ….Scholars have critical he considered race in their study of criminalization, examining the severe and disproportionate effects on low – income communities and communities of color.” (Sears,pg.1). Our society has been locking up people for decades as a form of control amongst a certain group. According to statistics, 1 out of 3 African American men will be incarcerated in their lifetime. Most people that come from impoverished communities, our subjected to be part of criminal acts and violence. Not only this affects the individual, but it also causes problems for the family

Finding yourself and a present environment, has been helpful in many ways. But at the same time this concept has been misconstrued by force. People that are in the prison system you should be explore their sexual orientation because the environment is very condensed by cell blocks and also is a form of survival. And the final argument of this article it states “...implicated in the management of sexuality, as total institutions



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