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Snow White

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Snow White is one of the most popular and traditional fairy tales in the world. Although, today, Disney version is known most, but, as you know, the original version was written by Grimm Brothers. Through many of revisions, now there are significant differences between them when comparing them, which might let us say that the conclusion of the story is not about "happy ending", but about "revenge" when we read the original version.

First of all, the biggest difference between the classic version and original version is the character of Snow White. Snow White is originally still seven years old while she is often considered over fifteen years old. Therefore, there are some doubts coming up toward the fact, such why the queen abhors Snow White as much as she wanted kill her and what makes her jealous of seven years old girl's beauty. The part was revised because it's easier for readers to accept that a step-mother with ugly mind wants to kill grown-up princess, and it makes fewer cruelties. However, according to the time period that the original version was written, I assume that the original version was portrayed the middle century of Europe. Considering the era, the society had still male chauvinism over children and women, and children were included into labor force. Thus, the original story might want to explain that the conflict of a family relationship which a wife was hard on man and then the stress was always dissolved by targeting children to abuse.

At second, according to the original version, it is hard to consider the prince as the real hero for Snow White because there is no romantic moment to rescue Snow White by the Prince. In the Disney version, after Snow White was dead because of a poisoned apple, she was lying like sleeping in a glass made coffin which seven dwarfs prepared for her, and as the prince walked by and kissed her, she spited out the piece of the apple and woke up. However, in the original version, prince actually asked dwarfs to let him have the coffin, and when his servants ware carrying her away to the castle, the piece of apple came out of her throat with the shock when they stumbled over a tree stump. There is no climax moment for the prince in the original version and, even if she is beautiful, it is very uncommon action to ask to have the dead parson in a coffin. Additionally, according to an annalist, the prince is considered as a dead women fancier. As long as I read the original version, I have to agree with the idea because the action was too unacceptable to believe. Thus, if he is so, I wonder if he was honestly happy with the fact Snow White was revived.

At third, the cruelest fact of the original



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