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Whites Ethical Yardstick

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The "Fundamental Yardstick" is proposing a direct reference for all to use that is based upon common standards and morals.

By using this ethical yard stick, White proposes that we set aside are personal, emotional standards, that often times have no reasoning or evidence to defend themselves, and instead, to judge things on how they affect the human good, whether positively or negatively. This in turn will help us to decide whether something is moral or immoral.

This yard stick is based upon three main ideas( Harmful Consequences, Inappropriate Actions, and Important Standards) that an average person would use to explain whether something is morally wrong or not. Though we all have very different person beliefs and morals the majority of human beings are for the "human good".

We do not believe in unjustly hurting others or causing them pain, violating their rights or invading their privacy. This yardstick example proposes that if something is morally wrong then it goes against the "Human Good" and if it is morally right then it goes towards the "Human Good/Human Fulfillment".Actions that increase the human good or well being are considered morally justifiable, while actions that decrease the human good or well being are morally unjustifiable. That is not to say that either of these actions would be the best moral or the worst immoral things to do or not do, merely that are "morally better" or "morally worse" than another action.

This fundamental yardstick proposes that we base things upon the over all "Human Good" for the world and not on are personal feelings or beliefs. Equality, Justice, Respect for the individual liberty, Freedom and fairness are the "markers" that line this ethical yard stick. By abiding



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