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Ship Business In Bangladesh

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The shipbuilding industry in Bangladesh is now becoming a promising sector as it has signed several contracts with Danish investors to build multipurpose vessels. On at least two instances, Danish shipping interests recently have placed substantial orders with Bangladeshi shipyards. Ananda Shipyard in Meghna Ghat and CS and Partnere A/S, a Danish ship consortium, have signed a agreement to build a ship, said a press release.

The first ship вЂ" a 2,900 DWT multi-purpose vessel currently under construction at Ananda Shipyard and will be delivered in early 2008 вЂ" is the first of a series of up to 14 ships ordered by the Danish investors.The second order landed by a Bangladeshi shipyard was when Western Marine in Chittagong signed a contract to build up to 5 multipurpose vessels (4,100 DWT) to be delivered to a Danish ship consortium. вЂ?The two orders have positioned these shipyards as serious players in the international shipbuilding industry in strong competition with Chinese and Vietnamese shipbuilders, said Danish Ambassador to Bangladesh Einar Hebogard Jensen. вЂ?In order to live up to the highest international standards to design ship and to obtain international accreditation from bureaus such as “Germanisher Lloyd” and “Norske Veritas” it will be important for the shipyards to be able to import various fittings and components necessary for the ships to reach an international standard,’ Einar commented. “To live up to export requirements, it will be essential that a mechanism can be introduced for facilitating an easy clearance of such fittings and components when imported. A “Green Channel” like in the textile industry could probably provide necessary flexibility for the involved parties,” the ambassador said



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