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Sex Drugs & College

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Christina Klemkowski

Sex, Drugs, and Flagler

Throughout the world, people make decisions everyday which can significantly alter the course of their lives. Day to day choices which at the time may seem very minute may take one down a completely unforeseen road. Social norms for the majority of young Americans include going to school, graduating high school, attending college and graduating, starting a career and living into their adulthood. While this was the original plan for me, a few factors slightly changed the outcome of my plan. Over the course of my twenty three years of existence, events and choices have dramatically changed my life to carry me along a completely unforeseen path. College, traveling, poor choices, random decisions, and twenty three years have ultimately brought me to St. Augustine, Florida and attending Flagler college.

During my childhood education and throughout my high school years academics came easy as well as athletics and both were substantial parts of my life. Attending an all girl private Catholic high school in Baltimore allowed me to truly focus on schoolwork and allowed me opportunities to compete against the top schools in sports. A small private liberal arts college recruited me for my skill and talent in basketball. After visiting and staying overnight with the girls basketball team I quickly decided that this place was where I wanted to spend the next four years. As most high school seniors the year was spent slacking off after I was informed of my acceptance to Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland. Senior year and the summer flew by and before I knew it the first semester of my college career was approaching. The day before I left was not packed with goodbyes and sadness of leaving home, but rather booze, partying, and celebrating the fact that I would very soon be on my own. My parents, realizing that I would not be coming home that night, began to pack up the truck with all of my belongings. Reeking of booze the next day I quietly sat in the back of the truck ecstatic about going to college but not aware that this hangover would be a foreshadowing of my college career. The responsibility for the first time in my life was too much to handle and before I knew it I was constantly skipping class, drug experimentation, not playing basketball, and sliding by with mediocre grades. I felt that this attitude and lifestyle was the norm for college freshman.

After two and a half years of the same antics, partying, and a lack of academic productivity my parents pulled the plug and decided that I should live at home again and get my plans and future reorganized. Residing with them in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware allowed me to work for my parents in their restaurant s and keep some money in my pocket while I contemplated how my first go at college went horribly wrong. That winter in Rehoboth was extremely desolate; due to the fact that it is a summer resort town and by the time spring came I was beyond anxious for the upcoming summer and busy season. After working hard all summer and saving money I had no plans of going back to school, but rather decided to change scenery before the depressive winter months rolled through again.

Soon after the decision to get out of Delaware for the winter, I found myself on a plane traveling to Costa Rica. I was twenty one years old; I had a few thousand dollars in my pocket, no inhibitions, and my best friend sitting alongside of me. As the plane approached landing the country displayed mountains, small winding roads and more shades of green then I could have imagined. The next two weeks were spent traveling along the coast of the country, finding the good surf breaks and staying in hostels for seven dollars a night. Money was plentiful and I was able to take advantage of all tours that were available for people not well informed or knowledgeable about the country. Basically I was living up the tourist lifestyle. Disappointed I was to be informed that three weeks in Costa Rica was more than enough for my friend and soon she was boarding a plane; leaving me to fend for myself in this Central



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