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Services Marketing Plan For Dnm Design Studio

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Executive Summary

DNM is a designer / tailor-made service provider for a wide range of casual and formal wear. DNM will create a prototype from a list of specifications and personality profile along with line of work from the customer, or from DNM's technical background. Once the custom designs are made the customer can then choose from the array of product available and customized for them and choose made to orders. This service is useful for busy corporate or business individual that do not have have the time or patience to go to tailors and have design everything themselves or engage in the design process but would like to have custom-tailored suits, as well as those that do but for whatever reason want custom-tailored solutions for their casual and formal apparel. This is a home delivery and home operated service conducted by very dedicated professionals who have a massive amount of understanding between them and would like to expand their scope of service by differentiating it from others. This is done such that there is no store that one has to go to. Instead the designers visit their customers around the week and for new customers they conduct interviews and ask questions about work, likes and dislikes, personality and other related apparel issues. Then the designs are given to customers to choose and then final product is delivered.

In addition, the designers are best of friends and have great understanding between them hence helping them to form greater understanding of personality profiles and offering tailor-made solutions to apparel that are convenient to their customer base. Around 1500 customers make their customer base and the marketing tactic used is only word-of-mouth and PR. DNM has several products that they have already designed and sold in custom-tailored fits to customers. DNM will leverage their competitive advantages of imagination and expertise to gain market share by word-of-mouth only. Profitability is centered around the theme of 45-50% markup on each custom-tailored solution and along with the custom-tailoring of suits, there is tailoring for ties and other accessories for their customers as well. This brings them to the goal of custom-tailoring SOLUTIONS to their customers rather than apparel, which includes that every customer is taken note of in their database.

2.0 Situation Analysis

DNM began operations three years back with three Rookie designers who had the will, determination and a little bit of madness to excel even when the odds were against them. Marketing is now critical for success and future profitability because all previous marketing programs were based on personal PR and word-of-mouth. The studio offers a wide range of prototyping services for casual and formal products for corporate, banking and other high profile individuals. The basic market need is a flexible design studio to generate fresh, new product designs.

2.1 Market Summary

DNM possesses exceptional insider information about the market from their high-profile customer base and their close relationships with them and knows a great deal about the common attributes of their most prized and loyal customers. DNM shall leverage this relationship information to better understand who is served, their specific needs, and how DNM can better communicate with them.

Target Markets

2.1.1 Market Demographics

The profile for Simplistic Labyrinth customers consists of the following geographic and demographic factors:


* The immediate geographic area is the city of Karachi (and frequent corporate visitors) with a target population of around 5,000 highly exclusive and 8,000 exclusive customers.

* A 20 mile geographic area is in need of our services.

* The geographic area can be enlarged to the entire country utilizing currently available technology which would allow DNM to serve all customers meeting their needs in the country.


* Bankers with at least Rs. 20,000/- base pay

* Entrepreneur with at least Rs. 75,000/- in monthly earnings.

* Corporate clientele.

* Others high profile clientele with a flair or a need for looking good

2.1.2 Market Needs

Simplistic Labyrinth is providing customers with a flexible prototyping design studio. Simplistic seeks to fulfill the following benefits that are important to their customers:

* Selection. DNM offers a wide range of products and services, the only limit to selection is the customer's imagination.

* Accessibility. DNM operates out of their Karachi homes and are just one call away, the most convenient option for busy professionals that need to look good.

* Customer Service. The customer will be impressed with the level of attention that they receive. With individual preferences and information in DNM database they can stitch and tailor apparel solutions for customers with just one call.

* Pricing. DNMs pricing structure is very low compared to the array of services provided.

2.1.3 Market Trends

The market trend for the target market is being redefined by the work of DNM and its custom-tailor solution offerings to their professional individuals market. This trend is in response to the need to reduce overhead and increase convenience provided to the customer base. This trend can be successful if the company is careful in choosing a quality input and induct more and more of the technical input from not only their own team of tailors and designers but also to streamline processes and standardizing procedure. Additionally, desired specifications of customers are also to be met at additional costs, which evolve the need for more sophisticated costing systems to aid in the custom-tailored designs of these designers.

By having no shop or outlet, DNM has cut that conventional capital requirement and yet appeals to their customers by being mobile and having a "one call does it all" and "at your door step" service criterion.

2.1.4 Market Growth

Sales are estimated to grow at 10-15% for the next three years according to DNMs conservative estimate. This growth can be attributed to a couple of different factors. The word-of-mouth growth trend in the last 3 years has been at over 25%.




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