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Selfishness - Personal Essay

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OMG! I can’t believe this is happening to me right now! Out of the days my parents make me stay home and look after my stupid little brother on a Saturday night because he is feeling ‘ under the weather’ which frankly to me he looks fine, but of course it happens to be the night of one of the biggest party ever in the history of parties. Argghh I’m going to kill my parents when they get home!

Its 6:00. I should bet getting ready to leave soon but instead I have to cook my brother chicken soup to cleanse his stomach. He is sitting down on the couch watching his favourite show SpongeBob sqaurepants while I’m in here cooking food for him when he is more than capable of doing it himself.

As I’m pouring his plate, he comes and sits up on the chair across from me and waits for his food to be delivered. I chuck the plate on the table and throw the spoon at him.

“You’re welcome you little turd. You know you ruined my night thanks to your little illness. You probably have a disease that will ruin your life just like you’re ruining mine!” and I stormed of and went upstairs!

An hour later I lazily shuffled down the stairs to get something to eat. When I got to the kitchen I saw my brother’s empty bowl sitting on the table. Seriously I have to clean up after him. What’s wrong with his arms and legs why couldn’t he get up and put it in the sink!




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