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Sci-Wars: An Educational Card Game

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Sci-Wars: An Educational Card Game

Name: ___________________________________      Date: ____________________
Grade and Section: ________________________      Gender: __________________              

1. What is the field of study that deals                     6. What is the branch of biology that study with plants life?                                                        about animal kingdom?
  A. Botany
                                                         A. Botany  
  B. Cytology                                                               B. Cytology
  C. Zoology                                                                C. Zoology

2. What kind of plant that is commonly                   7. What is the Basic Unit of Life?
used for sleep disorders?
                                                                                    A. Cell
  A. Aloe Vera                                         B. Eukaryotic
  B. Lagundi                                                 C. Prokaryotic
  C. Valerian                                                
                                                           8. What is the part of the cell that regulates all
3. What do you call the plants that have                   cell activities?
specialized tissue for conducting water,
minerals and photosynthetic products that                  A. Mitochondria
is also known as tracheophytes?                          B. Nucleus
                                                                         C. Nucleolus
  A. Non-vascular plants
  B. Vascular plants                                                      9. What is the structure in plants that are
  C. Plants                                                   made up of cellulose and is outside of the cell
4. Which animal is the biggest known on
Earth?                                                         A. Cell
                                                         B. Cell Wall
  A. Bear                                                  C. Organelles
  B. Blue Whale        
  C. Elephant                                                            10. What is the type of cell that has true
                                                           nucleus and membrane bound cell?
5. What do you call the group of animals
that only eats meat?                                           A. Cell
                                                            B. Eukaryotic
  A. Carnivores                                          C. Prokaryotic
  B. Herbivores        
  C. Omnivores

Sci-Wars: An Educational Card Game

Name: ___________________________________      Date: ____________________
Grade and Section: ________________________      Gender: __________________        

1. How will you best define Botany?                              of the natural environment.
  A. A branch of Biology that studies airborne                B. A branch of Biology that studies the
organic particles.                                             animal kingdom, including the structure,
B. A branch of Biology that studies the                         embryology, evolution, classification,            
preservation, restoration, and protection of the              habits, and distribution of all animals,
natural environment.                                                       both living and extinct, and how
   C. A branch of Biology that studies the life of             C. A branch of Biology, which is the
the plant, including the structure, properties,                study of living organisms. It is the
life processes, classifications, diseases, and                  scientific study of plant life.
environmental impacts and interactions                        
                                                         7. How will you define cell?
2. Valerian is a perennial flowering plant native          A. The Basic unit of life
in Europe and Asia. What is the main ability of           B. Regulates the Cell Activity
a valerian plant?                                                            C. Suicide Sacks that has digestive enzyme
  A. It is used for stomachache                                                  
  B. It is used for sleep disorders                                8. Why is nucleus important?
  C. It is used to cure dry cough                                  A. Because it is the basic unit of life  
                                                               B. Because it regulates the cell activity  
3. What is the other term for vascular plants?             C. Because it is the suicide sacks that
  A. Tracheophites                                             contain digestive enzyme
  B. Tracheophytes        
  C.Tracheouphytes                                              9. How is cell wall significant?
                                                               A. It is a Suicide Sacks that contain
4. Blue whale is known as the
___ animal                digestive enzyme
living on Earth.                                                 B. It is a structure in plants made of
  A. Biggest                                                                  cellulose that is outside of the cell membrane.
  B. Cutest                                                                    C. A dark spot of chromatin in the nucleus
  C. Smallest                                                  where ribosomes are produced.      



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