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Importance Of Education

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Education plays a very important role in our lives. It ensures a brighter future for everyone. Not many people succeed in life without a good educational foundation. It's clearly that education is a national policy which is always given top priority.

Almost people want an interesting job with a good salary. To achieve it, you must get a good education. Getting a good job means having a better living standard. For example, compare two people. The first person is a high school drop-out, the second has a medical degree. The high school drop-out may got a job in food service, making about 1.5 million VND a month, barely eating. The second will have a better career as a doctor, making over 8 million VND a month. The doctor will, of course, have a more comfortable life than the first. Obviously, college graduates have a better chance of having a good paying job than high school graduates or high school drop-out. That shows the importance of education in modern life.

A high quality education does not necessarily mean a five-years university degree. We have many choice, we don't have to go to university at all cost. After high school graduation, one may choose to attend a technical school or a junior college. Where we study at is not important, it's important in how we study.

In Vietnam, students who want a better educational foundation often choose to study abroad. Environment of modern education will help students develop their own potential abilities. If you don't have conditions to study abroad, you can still study at home universities.

Our generation will become the engineers, doctors, lawyers, teachers and leaders of tomorrow. To do this successfully, a higher level of education is imperative. A higher education means a better life style, a better ability to adjust to new technologies and knowledge. What you do with your gray material will determine your future!



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