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Roman Culture

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Roman Culture

While Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome are regularly mistaken for each other, there are numerous contrasts between the two. Both countries have social class differences, and each valued life differently. During the 5th century, Ancient Greece flourished, while Rome did not prosper until hundreds of years later. It is said that a lot of what Rome utilized as a part of regular day to day existence was adopted from Ancient Greek civilizations, however with minor adjustments. Politics, architecture, and art were the most distinct aspects of the roman culture

Socially, both Roman and Greek civilization believed in a hierarchy. The society of Rome was split into four categories, slaves, patricians, freedmen, and lastly plebeians. In Rome’s society women were treated as regular citizens, however they were not permitted to be a part of political office. The Romans built a type of government, known as a republic, that was duplicated by nations for a considerable length of time. It started when the Romans overthrew the Etruscans in 509 BC. When they were liberated, the Romans constructed their own republic. A republic is not the same as a democracy, in which each person is relied upon to assume a dynamic part in governing the state. Only the powerful and wealthy people of Rome governed the city. A senate collected out of patricians chose these representatives. However, the lower-class, had no say in the matter. Both men and women were considered citizens in the Roman Republic. Yet only men could vote. The senate lost much of its power under the families that led the public.

Roman architecture was not at all like anything that had preceded. The Egyptians, Persians, and Greeks all had great engineering skills. The Romans are remembered for their vast contributions of exquisite architecture. Romans focused more of their energy on designs of buildings and proper technique, while the Greek architecture fixated on figures commemorating human form. Roman architecture was much more advanced than the Greeks. Romans mostly used concrete when building, and focused more on domes, arches, and vaulted ceilings. Greeks, on the other hand, put more emphasis on symmetry and balance. The main goal of Roman architecture was to encase a great amount of space.



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