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Roman Daily News

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The Roman News

Gvnr. Pilate Condemns Messiah to Death

Only to find him Risen from Death!

Roman governor Pontius Pilate sentenced today Jesus of Nazareth to death after hearing claims that he has been teaching people the Christian way of life. Many of his followers claim that Jesus is the Messiah who has been sent to earth to claim his throne and offer peace to all. Pilate had testified later in questioning that he did not find Jesus guilty of "capital offence". He only sentenced him because of pressure from the Jerusalem Mob. Some people believe that Jesus' crucifixion was "sacrificial" and his life was given as ransom for many other lives.

Jesus was found by guards in the garden of Gethsemane, after his fellow humanitarians fell asleep after a long days work. I found from another source it was actually one of Jesus' friends who told the Roman guards where it was he(Jesus) was located, after bribery from them. He was then taken to the Governor Pilate who found him innocent and sent him to Heard Antipas to be charged, and again he was found not guilty so he then returned back to Pilate, and was then ordered to death by crucifixion.

Jesus was crucified on the cross, and said in his last words a prayer to forgive his executioners, and he offered a word of prayer for the man who was being crucified next to him. Immediately following his death a unplanned eclipse occurred, and the sky went dark . Some say it was no coincidence and truly thought the sun would never shine again. However on Jesus' third day of death his mother and friend, Mary went to visit his tomb only to find his body missing. They were frantic and reported it missing and told reporters that Jesus had come back from the dead that they talked with him in his tomb. They only told a select few of their sightings and I received this from a



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