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Riordan Manufacturing Information Technology

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Medtronic and The Oracle Database Management System

Medtronic, Inc. is a global leader in medical technology providing lifelong solutions for people with chronic disease. The company offers products, therapies, and services that enhance or extend the lives of millions of people. Each year, 5 million people benefit from Medtronic's technology, used to treat conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, neurological disorders, and vascular disease. Medtronic has been in the business of selling medical devices for half of a century.

The company uses various Oracle Databases to store several hundred gigabytes of information on every implantable device the company sells. Oracle Database is a relational database management system software product released by Oracle Corporation and has become a major feature in database computing.

Medtronic is a company that is growing by leaps and bounds and is faced with many challenges in its competive field. The company wants to maintain an advantage with its' physician/customer loyalty as it grows, to optimize sales force performance and customer service by providing the sales team with accurate customer data, provide efficient reporting with its' 800 scheduled reports on a daily basis and provide transparency to intergrated data from disparate source systems.

The solutions worked with BI Consulting Group to implement Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, creating a business analytics system which measures and monitors key sales metrics. It provides the sales team with an accurate 360 degree view of customer information. It also provides timely reports and analysis to the company executives. The Oracle System has improved insight into key data such as devices sold per region, physician loyalty, and sending purchase orders, to name just a few. The Oracle System has created a “Command and Control” dashboard, available to a variety of departments, that decreased the reporting production and distribution overhead, enabled



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