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Information Technology

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naging expectations is a very tough challenge for CIO in today's business.

I think the initial step should be for the Chief IT Officer and the Chief Executive

Officer along with the Chief Financial Officer is to sit down and have a meeting

at the time of hire. All three of them should agree on the job description and what leeway

will be allowed in the IT area. It should also be understood that the CIO reports to

directly to the CEO. It should also be known exactly what direction the CEO would like

to take the company as far as IT is concerned. After the initial meeting there should not

be a question on whom exactly the CIO reports to and exactly what is expected of he or

she. It should also be understood whether the CIO has a chance for upward movement

or is the position stagnant. The CIO needs to clearly state whether the CEO's direction

of IT is feasible. It should also be understand by the key company leadership

involved exactly what the IT budget is for the upcoming year.

Having Business Skills is also a challenge for CIO, this is a should be very

important to the CIO of an organization. I think it is key that the CIO be seen in front

office instead of behind the scenes. For the CIO to be most effective his has to

understand the business aspect of the organization that he works for. Without a firm

knowledge of the business's mission, the CIO cannot make a very informed decision on

what is required for the IT section to provide the best service to organization.

Preferably he or she attends board meetings to play a role in the decisions of the company

as it relates to IT. To include future IT projects, budget and be able to speak on the ideas

whether good or bad. It is very important for the company to understand that the CIO is

the resident expert when it comes to information technology. The CIO should be able to

articulate the requirements fiscal and personnel. It is very important for the CIO to stay

on top of the latest and greatest things happening in the world of IT. The executive

staff should always be informed of major changes in software and hardware. There

should also be an open line of communications between the CIO and his or her direct

supervisor. If possible the CIO should be on a level playing field with the CFO. The

CFO should only have a say in the functions of the CIO when money becomes an issue.

The CIO should have the authority to kindly inform the CEO of bad decisions in the IT

community. If the CEO is considering upgrading the company's IT system the CIO

should field obligated and have the authority to at least tell the CEO that it is a bad or

good idea. When the CIO does not agree with an idea of the CEO it should be known but

timing is very important when he informs him or her. In the middle of a board meeting I

do not feel it is the place for a CIO to tell the CEO that it is bad idea. I think after the

meeting when the timing is right that there should be a offline sit down and maybe try to

point the CEO in a different direction. If the mission and goals of an organization is not

understood then it is not possible for the

IT personnel to make automation better. It is very important for the personnel using the

system to fill free to tell the CIO when something is not working properly or when they

have ideas to make their job more efficient. I think that the

recommendations should not be too technical and the audience should always be

considered. I do not think it would be appropriate to talk fiber optics in a meeting with




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