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Resistance to Change Questionnaire

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Complete the “Resistance to Change Questionnaire” and view your results. How do your results compare to average on each of the four measurement points? Do you agree or disagree with these results? Give an example of a change situation in which you were recently involved. Did you resist? Why or why not? What was the ultimate outcome?

Based on my result, it is like this:

[pic 1]

My total resistance-to-change rating is about average. I see both the advantages and disadvantages in changes and are not typically inclined to either resist or promote them.

The particular characteristics of the change at hand are more likely to determine my approach towards it. As far as my approach towards routines is concerned, I tend to dislike them. I like to experience new things, you generally enjoy surprises, and become bored whenever a routine forms in my life.

My emotional reaction to changes is mild. I don't feel too stressed in their presence, but are not entirely indifferent to them. When I think about change, although I am aware of the short-term inconvenience that may be involved, I can still see the potential long-term benefits and can therefore take them into consideration when making decisions about change.

Beyond this, I rate like most people in the stability and consistency of your opinions. Although my beliefs are relatively consistent over time, I can still occasionally change my way of viewing things. (Resistance to Change Questionnaire, n.d.).

I agree with the result to some extent, but not totally agree. I can accept the change and can see the advantages and disadvantages in changes. As we know everything is changing now and then. But sometimes, I will keep staying in the comfortable zone like boiling a frog in warm water and not change, because of changing involves going from the known to the unknown. I fear something will destroy my routine, I fear losing something which I already have, I fear something new which I could not handle well. These are all the fears which I need to fight with before taking any actions.

Changes from outside includes lots of unexpected things happens around you. Changes also can be made by inside. Recently I am in a situation. Since my current job as a Level 1 Technician is quite limited. The work is quite routine. I feel it is boring which could not bring any passion to me. Things are quite different as before. I can feel every day is quite different and could learn lot of things. If the things still keep going like this, I could only stay at Level 1.

I did resist at the beginning and fight with myself for a long time even I know what the feeling is. I want to change but fear what would happen in the future. I need to learn more, get updated and keep moving.



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