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Steve Jackson Faces Resistance to Change Case Analysis

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Essay Preview: Steve Jackson Faces Resistance to Change Case Analysis

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Steve Jackson Faces Resistance to Change Case Analysis

Question 1: What could Jackson have done better in introducing BSO?

Jackson could have communicated with Barnett in a better manner earlier on. He should have sat down with him face to face to pitch his idea of introducing the software. Personal invitations to the demo meetings were not sufficient communication to Barnett about the software. He should have been consulted before the demo meetings. After Barnett’s first missed meeting and negative email, Jackson should have sought him out top discuss the BSO and the reasons why he did not attend. Perhaps at that stage, Barnett could have been convinced of the software’s merits. Furthermore, when Barnett arrived at Jackson’ office to convey his ill feelings of the software, Jackson should not have used such broad statement, such as “Everyone who has seen the BSO software thinks it will be a big improvement.” He should have appealed to Barnett specifically by telling him how exactly the software would benefit him. Also, his wording may have very well made Jackson feel quite alienated and increased his resistance. In addition, Jackson shouldn’t have gone to the superiors to deal with Barnett’s resistance because it made Barnett have ill feelings toward him. Rather, he should have addressed Barnett’s concerns himself and in person.

Question 2: Why is Barnett resisting the introduction of BSO?

Barnett is resisting the introduction of BSO because he feels threatened by Jackson. The BSO software has the support of upper management and the evaluation professionals who would be using the software. The project development director (Abu Dija) and the project evaluation manager (Luke Williams) were both impressed with the software and Jackson. Barnett resisted the project initially because he felt it was a waste of time and resources and did not welcome the change. After the second demo, as the new software is liked even more by management, Barnett starts to feel threatened. At first he had issues with change in the workplace, and then he attached those ill feelings to Jackson personally. Jackson’s success causes Barnett’s feelings of job security to lessen. If BSO is introduced and is a huge success, the top management will be very impressed with Jackson and may move him to a higher position. Barnett also dislikes the amount of influence Jackson has on the company by recommending the BSO software. Barnett’s resistance to change boils down to his insecurities. This is why he treats Jackson with such anger and disrespect, while using his leverage with Abu Dija to try and have Jackson terminated.



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