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Resistance To Change

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How My Previous Employer Deals with Resistance to Change

During my last year of employment in GSK, I was able to witness a change in upper level management. In GSK, a re-assignment or re-arrangement of managing directors of the different GSK offices in different countries is done every couple or so years.

Several changes were placed in effect by the new managing director. These changes were seen in several aspects of the company. The following are examples of the changes which occurred:

Ð'„X A few benefits policies were changed

Ð'„X Several employees who were deemed as redundant were forced to resign

Ð'„X Re-organization of work areas

Ð'„X Re-modeling of the offices and the office landscapes

Ð'„X Re-organization of employees who were left

Ð'„X Certain finance, administrative and procurement processes were changed

Ð'„X Review of compensation packages

In short, major changes were occurring in the company. The employees welcomed a majority of the changes because it coincided better with their personal values. For example, there was previously a policy in GSK which prohibited co-employees to marry. If this happened, either the wife, or the husband, had to leave the company. This policy was changed with the new managing director. Employees were happy about the change because to them, the previous policy was not fair.

However, the specific change in the company which forced several employees to resign wasnÐ'ÐŽÐ'¦t met with enthusiasm by the employees. Because a lot of the employees initially resisted the change, the company extensively provided



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