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Report Recommending Purchasing of Communications Device

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Essay Preview: Report Recommending Purchasing of Communications Device

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DATE:  July 12, 2016

TO:       The  Donor

FROM:  Lornette Boothe

SUBJECT:  Report Recommending Purchasing of Communications Device


A donation was made to Oakton Community College towards purchasing a specific type of communication device for a particular group of students.  Because technology has revolutionized the classroom having a portable communications device is valuable for teaching and learning.  Students has the advantage of interacting with teachers and their peers from wherever and whenever.  Communications device being such a valuable tool allows students to access online courses, complete homework and research projects at their own convenience.

My report will base on the following topics:

  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Smart phones
  • Recommendation

Scope and Approach

In order to recommend the best communications device and spend the donated funds appropriately, I researched several devices that are available on the market that best suit the students needs academically. I decided to focus my research on Tablets, Labtops, and Smart phones.


Tablets were the first choice to begin my research.   After gathering information through online articles, customers reviews  from using tablets, I made the decision not to continue researching tablets. It was clear that tablets are designed for entertainment purposes.  they are more for reading material and accessing digital files. Tablets are not designed for writing papers and doing class projects, since they were not designed with a keyboard for typing. They also lack the ability to multitask; multiple windows and files can not be open side by side. Tablets are more for receiving information, not putting in information.



Secondly, I researched labtops.  Various laptops are available on the market with different features, style, and size.  From survey, laptops are widely favored by students and IT department at Oakton community college due to the compatibility of the device with their operating system.

The Asus Zenbook   laptop is a lightweight portable device. It is equipped with the following features:

  •   expansive storage space and high-speed wireless connectivity
  •   Windows 10 operating system
  •   8GB excellent for multitasking
  •    Bluetooth syncs with compatible devices
  •    Built-in web cam
  •    Three USB 3.0 ports
  •    Touch pad for note taking
  •    Long battery life

Lastly, I researched the smartphone.  From survey, and reviews smartphones were not favorable. Though tiny and can be taken effortlessly anywhere, they are not generally efficient enough for the classroom. Smart phones are used has quick information devices, talking texting,and browsing but, not for productivity or content consumption.  they are unable to download certain contents, reading can be difficult since the screen is small.



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