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Reflective Essay

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Reflective Essay

Paige Crofford

University of Maryland University College


    Reflective Essay


Throughout this establishment of writing class for the past 8 weeks, I encountered numerous better approaches to composing distinctive sorts of expositions. Every exposition required some exertion and a few thoughts to make a perfect paper. I took in a few abilities and procedures for the past 8 weeks to enhance my writing aptitudes for the future.

For the past eight weeks, I have been in a writing course that has tested my writing aptitudes, skills, and creativity. In the start of the course, I did not believe that before the end of the 8 weeks that I would improve as a better writer to a specific degree, however, I have. Despite everything I have a little approach to wind up the best writer I can be however by taking this writing course I have possessed the capacity to develop and learn as a writer. I have attempted to enhance specific parts of my written work, however, keep on struggling with different aspects. I have taken in writing abilities and techniques from insightful work and connected them to my writings. I have discovered new techniques and leaps forward that have permitted me to moderate my procrastination. However, I am as yet figuring out how to write and trust that I generally will be.

I will recall every one of the aptitudes and tips that Professor Stacey gave the class with to my future education. I figured out how to make a point to think about the specific audience when writing a paper and to ensure I utilize solid assets to bolster my thoughts in every essay. There are additional regions in writing that I have to enhance. Despite everything, I have to assist my advance on the linguistic use and hierarchical abilities to improve my written work flow.

During the writing course to enhance my written work, I attempted distinctive angles which as I would see it has enhanced my writing. For instance, I have figured out how to utilize descriptive details in my written work to express what my point crosses. I have figured out how to locate a focal thought and supporting cases to concentrate on when writing an essay. Nonetheless, despite the fact that I have taken in those distinctive viewpoints and have connected them to enhance my written work, regardless I struggle with different parts of writing. For instance, despite everything I have issues with transitioning between every section and writing my essay that way everything streams together. Writing is a procedure and I am completely aware that need to work on the area that I contend with to enhance my writing as a whole.

The constant prerequisite to writing multiple essays, responses, and outlines have been a genuine struggle for me since with regards to writing I love to procrastinate. This is regularly on the grounds that I never have a reasonable thought with reference to what I am expounding on and how I start to write, fortunately, all through the writing course, I took in a couple of procedures to lessen my dawdling. One technique is to take a seat for 20 minutes and write constantly about the point I am concentrating in any way. Not to concentrate on syntax or sentence structure and censor my contemplations in any case. The second technique is to write the paper without going back to change it when I have not got a paragraph down and the third technique is to broadly expound about everything. These three techniques have truly helped me procrastinate less. In the start of the course it would take me hours to compose a 2-page paper however by utilizing those techniques I am ready to write a 2-page paper in over 60 minutes. I urge these strategies to any student who is having procrastinating issues with writing.



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