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Cooking Demo Reflective Essay

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Cooking Demo Reflective Essay

The group was formed pretty fast, I believe there was not many consideration in choosing the group member. As we have not know everybody in the class very well, we just used our instinct to formed the group. When the group has formed, the transactional between group members happened, we started to introduce ourselves and exchanged contact information. Then, as we already know the theme of the presentation, we just talked about the topic that we going to choose. The topic that we chose is how to make tiramisu. Our group consists of members with different cultural background, but we able to managed it and built a strong foundation between us. The interaction at the beginning show that the group is going to positive side, as everybody seems have a same goal for an A and no sign of grouphate. However, the most important part that will determine our grade is how we deal with each other in the teamwork process.

First of all, we made group agreement after we slightly know about each other. It is very important before we start to work, because we need commitment. The purpose is to avoid behavior that cause discomfort to others. Then, we decide our to hold our first meeting in the library just after class. We chose library because it is the most convenient place for all of us. Moreover, one of our group members sent the recipe to everybody's email. Then, all of us responded to the email. This is the small task that can build the cohesiveness in our group. Although I did not get the email because there was misspell in my email address, I communicate with others before class to know the progress. Therefore, everyone have knowledge with the group progress.

The next day, one of our group members could not attend the class, but he told us the day before. His attitude is responsible and showed respect to other group members. Therefore, we collected that day handout for him, so he would not left behind. This means, we were sensitive that our friend is not able to attend the class and we took the handout for him.

The second meeting that is the last meeting is the most important part in our progress for the presentation. We made the tiramisu and practice for the presentation. Everybody was familiar with their task and it lead to our group productivity. We have all the ingredient and equipment to make the tiramisu. However, at that day we experienced our secondary tension. There were lots of opinions on the way we present because the steps in making the



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