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Reflection Paper (Concepts Of Development)

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Development, as we all know of it, is an event or a series of events which simply tell us whether our country is improving or if it is worsening. Development may depend on a country's advancement on technology, continuous construction of infrastructure and the like. Furthermore, development has various concepts which were formulated to support its strategies for the good of our country. But with what our country is experiencing right now, do we have to consider the Philippines as a progressive or, as our President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo described it, a STRONG republic? Are these concepts effective?

Despite the fact that those who are in power are continually claiming that our country's economic status is improving, is this so-called "improvement" prominent? Are our surroundings (particularly our avenues and boulevards) not anymore infested with beggars, squatters or the homeless? Has the number of Filipinos who leave the country every year drastically dropped? The answer is simply palpable.

Moving on to the brighter and more positive side of the concepts of development, indeed, our government is doing the very best it can do to eliminate the crisis that our country is presently experiencing. Yes, our government believes and is currently implementing that there is a necessity to industrialize our country, to sustain our resources for the future consumption and to listen to what we, as the Filipino people, have in mind. But there seems to be several things which seem to be missing from the enormous jigsaw puzzle of our country's progress and that would be lack of competent government officials and lack of COOPERATION within us as citizens too. Our country's economic progress can therefore be made possible if we would simply eliminate the corruption prevalent in our government and unite our views, our opinions and our aspirations.



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