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Raymond + Hannah

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Essay Preview: Raymond + Hannah

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When the novel first starts out you really don't know what to expect; you have Hannah there thinking about going to a party and her main objective is to take a man home. Then you have Raymond on the other hand thinking about how he hadn't had sex in around six weeks and he basically just wanted to find a one night stand.

When Hannah and Raymond first meet at the party, Hannah asked Raymond why was he at the party. Raymond responded "what am I here for? I was invited." At that time Hannah wastes no time to let Raymond know that her purpose there was to meet men. Raymond looked around the room and proceeded to help Hannah in choosing a man of her chose even though there wasn't that great of a selection. While looking for a man, the two would exchange small talks. But that didn't last long as the conversation suddenly began to get heated. The two began to notice some kind of an attraction for one another and they snuck out of the party to finish the night out alone. They ended up having the night of sex both of them were looking for.

The next morning the two of them woke up and Hannah informed Raymond that she would be leaving in five days to go to Jerusalem. She was going to Jerusalem for nine months to learn more about her religion. She is going to an institute to learn Torah. The program is designed for Jews like Hannah who are not strong with their Jewish identity.

For the next five days, Hannah and Raymond began to spend a lot of time with each other and eventually fell in love. Raymond didn't want to hold her back from doing something she was looking forward to doing in going to Jerusalem just because he had fallen in love with her, so they just agreed that the two of them would keep in touch any way possible. So that's what they did.

After being in Jerusalem for a while Hannah really began to take a likening to her new found religion. Because even though she had been a Jew by blood, she never really practiced the Jewish religion. She really started to think twice about her relationship with Raymond being that she was a Jew and he was a "goy" (non Jew); Because Jews are typically to be in relationships with other Jews. But she loved Raymond so she tends to look past that. Hannah shared a room with members of her institute. One in which was also in a relationship with a "goy". But another one of the roommates openly discussed how she



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