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Raymond Carvers Love Essay

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Fiction Essay

"What We Talk About When We Think About Love"

Raymond carvers "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love" is about a group of people sitting around a table drinking Gin and Tonic talking about their own experiences of love.

As I read this short story the approach that sticks out and comes to mind the most is the Philosophical approach. He asks "The Big Questions".

There are many different opinions towards love in this story. There is Terri who said that her former man used to hit her and drag her on the floor and tried to kill her and at the same time say to her that he loves her. She said that he expressed love in a different way.

Then there's Laura and Nick the young newlyweds. Their idea of love is spending every moment worshiping each other they are very much in love.

Then their was the old couple in the hospital. They loved each other so much that the man started to cry just because he could not turn his head due to the bandages just to see his wife.

As I was saying before I feel that Carver uses the Philosophical approach in this story. He asks what is love how do we each see love in our own way, are certain ways of love wrong, are some ways more right. Each person has his or her own opinion on what love is and how it affects them on everyday life. Each of these examples has its own opinion of what love is and how people react to it differently.

So after reading this story I see that there are many different types of love and many different types of couples and people also.



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