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Queen Elizabeth

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Mr. Osher

English period 5

February 26, 2008

Queen Elizabeth I and her struggle with Roman Catholicism

The life of Queen Elizabeth can be summarized in one simple word: power. Through endless battles, both physical and otherwise, she ruled for an impressive forty-four years. She unified England when it was religiously divided by constant conflict between the Catholics and the Protestants (Thompson). However, though her political achievements there were plenty, of events that led to the struggle between Roman Catholicism. From her birth in 1533, Queen Elizabeth's life was more like a soap opera than a fairy tale. Her father, King Henry VIII wanted a male heir to the throne. When his first wife, Katherine of Aragon gave birth to a girl, King Henry left her and married Anne Boleyn. He took a large risk by defying the Pope, who refused to acknowledge the new marriage as legitimate. However, King Henry was sure that his gamble would pay off when his son was born. Unfortunately that was not the case. After numerous miscarriages, Anne Boleyn gave birth to Elizabeth I, yet another daughter. After Elizabeth's half sister Mary got ill Elizabeth succeeded the throne on November 17th 1558 (Rowse, A.L. 4-6). One major struggle that young Queen Elizabeth had to deal with was the conflict in her kingdom, between Catholicism and the Church of England, which was established by her father. Some important events that occurred through out her ruling was her life up until she was crowned queen of England, her constant battle with the Church of England, and other accomplishments that occurred until her death in March 1603. (Duff) Important definitions or critical terms that will be discussed through out this essay are The Golden Age: The reign of Queen Elizabeth I is often referred to as this in

English History, Queen Elizabeth I: Sometimes called The Virgin Queen, Gloriana, The Faerie Queen or Good Queen Bess, Elizabeth was the fifth and last monarch of the Tudor dynasty, The Church of England: officially established Christian church in England, the Mother Church of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Protestantism encompasses the forms of Christian faith and practice that originated with the doctrines of the Reformation. ( Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary volume XXVII) .

Elizabeth's life was troubled from the moment she was born. Henry VIII had changed the course of his country's history in order to marry Anne, hoping that she would bear him the strong and healthy son that previous



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