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Queen Elizabeth

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"A queen having lived and reigned such and such a time, lived and died a virgin"

Queen Elizabeth I was said to be one of the best rulers of England. She was a remarkable woman with much success. Elizabeth's reign is often referred to as The Golden Age of English history with her popularity still strong after four hundred years ( Among much of her accomplishments, these three events are what helped Elizabeth become the ruler she was, her childhood, the problem with religion, and her marriage issues.

Elizabeth was born Henry VIII daughter from his second marriage, Anne Boleyn, on September 7, 1533. Seeing that Henry VIII was determined for a healthy son to continue his reign, he continued with Anne Boleyn who never was able to provide a living, healthy one for him. At this point, Henry's patients had run thin so he had Anne Boleyn accused of witchcraft, adultery, and incest where she was trialed and found guilty on all counts ( She was beheaded on Tower Green on May 19, 1536. Elizabeth was only two and a half years old. Her mother's death caused her lifestyle to change dramatically. Her parent's marriage was annulled and Elizabeth, once called Lady Princess, became known as Lady Elizabeth.

Henry married and had a son soon after the death of Anne Boleyn. He was named Edward and Elizabeth and he became rather close believing in the same religion, protestant, and both had a strong passion for learning ( "Elizabeth was fluent in six languages and had inherited intelligence, determination and shrewdness from both parents" ( Katherine Champernowne was there for Elizabeth when she needed a teacher at the most. She taught her and took care of the young Elizabeth during most of her childhood. She also married a cousin of Elizabeth, keeping "Kat" as she was called very close to the family. Elizabeth was a joy to teach because of her love for learning. A teacher of hers, Roger Asham, called her "his brightest star" (

Many believed Elizabeth was going to restore the Protestant faith in England, however, "Elizabeth herself refused to 'make windows into men's souls ... there is only one Jesus Christ and all the rest is a dispute over trifles'; she asked for outward uniformity" (www. Even though Elizabeth believed in the protestant religion, she saw it as you believed in god and there is only one faith. During her reign, a secure church of England was established where its doctrines were laid down in the 39 Articles of 1563, a compromise between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. Elizabeth's main concern was that the Church of England was popular among her people and that eventually Catholicism would die out, but nothing would be forced.

Since the day Elizabeth became queen, there was much speculation on who she would marry. She would need someone to help her rule England and also impregnate her as well. Elizabeth, however, wasn't too concerned with this at all. Just a couple weeks into her reign she received offers of marriage from the King of Spain, Prince Eric of Sweden - soon to be king,



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