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Queen Elizabeth

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.1 Describe the religious problem that Elizabeth inherited from her father?

The religious problem that Queen Elizabeth inherited from her father started with the father’s decision to divorce his first wife, a request that was denied by the Catholic Church. After the Catholic Church denied his enrolment request he finalized the break of the Church of England from Rome, thus giving him doctrine clerical and discipline over England. His actions left the country in despair. The country had been weakened by war and religious strife. King’s Henri’s decision continued with his successors, his son King Edward VI and his daughter Mary.

.2 How did she deal with the problem?

When Elizabeth Tudor ascended the thrown she moved quickly to solve the difficult religious problem using intelligence cautious and self confidence. Her religious policy was based on moderation and compromise. She declared herself as “the only supreme governor” of both church and state. Her regime was basically protestant, but it was a moderate bent that left the people satisfied.

.3 How did England solve the problem of the expense of colonization?

England solved the expense of colonization by developing a new form of commercial organization. Their main advantage was to form the joint stock company that made it easier to raise large amount of capital for world trade ventures. This economic trend was part of the “mercantilism”, it was desirable to achieve a favorable balance of trade in which good exported were of greater value than those imported. Colonies were they considered valuable as a market for exported goods.



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