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Pythagoras Report

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Pythagoras was born on the islands of Samos, in the Aegean sea. My sources are not sure

but they think that he was born around 580 bc and died around 500 bc making him 80 years old.

Pythagoras's father was Mnesarches and , his mother was Pythais . His father was a merchant

who came from a place called Trye, and his mother was native to the islands of Samos. As a

child Pythagoras spent a lot of time with father traveling the world. Little is really known about

Pythagoras's child hood , what he looked liked is still puzzling historians till this day. Pythagoras

was certainly educated very well he learned how to play lyre, and reciting poetry was something

he liked very well.

Pythagoras most people would say that he was the first and the best mathmatition. He

played a cridacle role in forming pricipals that influecnced the likes of plato and even Aristotle.

Pythagoras is an extremely important person in the world of math , but the sad thing is we know

very little about his mathamaicle achievements

. Unlike other famous mathamitions there , we

have books or writings that they wrote , but for Pythagoras we have nothing of pythagorases


Pythagoras his own brotherhood , a groupe of his followers whoose beliefs and ideas




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